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As the reach and impact of technology on businesses increase, so too have the range and quality of tools that underpin the systems development life cycle. Underpinning your QA and Software Testing processes with best-in-class software ensures consistent processes, easy access to management informo-m-2ation and improved automated processes.

Global and locally developed tools offer a vast range of software possibilities: licensed or open source; cloud-hosted or locally installed, for example. Amongst all the options, HP continues to lead the market for test tools, part of its extensive and well integrated Application Delivery Management suite. While you may not choose to adopt the suite wholesale, products within it may meet your needs and can be integrated to the rest of your architecture.

Quast are an HP Partner. We can help you understand the capabilities and strengths of current HP products, assess whether an HP product fits with your existing process and architecture, make the purchase, and support you in its use.

Whether you are a potential or existing HP customer, there has never been a better time to assess your software choices. Across the suite, software-as-a-service options facilitate moving your service to the cloud to ease access across site and collaboration between customers and suppliers. This in turn allows you to look at new commercial models while protecting existing investments.

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