QAaaS offers the same access to our expertise and services as consultancy, but with the added security of fixed, menu card pricing.

Flexiblity lies at the heart of our offer. We can help you transition your current service model from resource-based to fixed price, or manage the service through defined service levels and outcomes. We’ll discuss your best possible commercial model: perhaps you’d like to link QA costs to company turnover so spend adapts to market conditions and income; you may want to fix QA costs at a budgeted level and define the test points or other output units this offers; we can fix QA costs as a proportion of total IT spend to create a healthy tension with other suppliers, challenging each other to match efficiency savings.

Whatever model works best for your commercial plans and priorities, we will work with you to define the model, agree KPIs to underpin performance and plan a robust governance for oversight.

Our Integrated Business Service model can transform your organisation’s QA department into a more standardised business-driven delivery operation that is closely aligned with your organisation’s strategy and goals. This advanced, end-to-end model will link processes across your organisation, integrating service levels from Business Assurance down to Quality Assurance and Test Delivery. By using QaaS as a vehicle to plan transformation, you can improve your services in specialist areas such as Automation, Performance, Security or Environment Management. And by offsetting the investment against committed efficiency improvements in core functional testing, you can improve your overall service without increasing spend.

We have a proven track record in evaluating, enabling and managing major programmes including outsourcing initiatives, based in part on our experience of engaging with global delivery. So while we are happy to undertake single tasks, deliverable or project, for a fixed price, we can also handle the complete outsourcing of a function, the testing of a project or programme, the subcontracting of specialist functions within it, or performance testing the solution.

If you have outsourced existing development tasks, we can provide independent insight into the quality of delivery and conformance to requirements so you can be certain to achieve value for money.

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