Our industry-leading consultants are results-focused and committed to adding value to your business. With our expertise at your disposal, you will be able to augment your resource and make your goals more achievable, whether you need to align your QA and Test Practices with the best in the industry, need a fresh eye on a problem, or require specialist skills to extend your normal QA function.

Our consultancy services are tailored to your needs with engagement taking many forms. We can draw on huge range of expertise to meet your needs, whether you are looking for a person with a particular skillset, have to meet a peak in demand, or simply want to fill a gap in the team.

We can deliver solutions in specific areas such as:

  • TMMi audit: to assess your maturity level and plan the actions to move up
  • Automated Testing: building an Enterprise Framework and implementing it in practice
  • Service Virtualization: helping you progress even when your systems are not available
  • Performance Engineering: spanning framework and tools to assess and improve your systems’ performance
  • Security and Vulnerability Testing: spanning all layers of your enterprise architecture to make your business more safe and intrusion free
  • SDLC Tooling: underpinning your SDLC processes with tools that aid compliance, enable easy measurement and reporting, whilst providing a single source on information
  • Estimations and Benchmark techniques: to improve predictability in quality and cost
  • Framework and Process: to establish a Test Factory Model driven by KPIs and SLAs

Our Consultancy services are based upon providing expertise in the following specialist QA roles or disciplines:

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