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We aim to offer our customers full support for any QA or Software Testing requirement through our four services lines.

Our industry-leading consultants are results-focused and committed to adding value to your business. With our expertise at your disposal, you will be able to augment your resource and make your goals more achievable.

QA-as-a-Service offers the same access to our expertise and services as consultancy, but with the added security of fixed, menu card pricing. We can help you transition your current service model from resource-based to fixed price.

Quast recruitment is a recruitment agency with a difference… staffed by IT professionals including ex-hiring managers and IT contractors who understand the roles we source.

Software Vendor 
As the reach and impact of technology on businesses increases, so too does the range and quality of tools that underpin the systems development life cycle.

For Consultancy and QA-as-a-Service our services are based on specialist roles and disciplines in QA. These specialisms can be used individually or together as an integrated model . You can read more about each here:

Core Services

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