Join Us

We are always on the look out for talented QA and Test professionals to join our team. So, if you think the following characteristics describe you, please get in contact!

  • You are passionate about QA or Software Testing
  • You have a positive outlook on life and a can-do attitude
  • Your moral compass is strong and you value honesty and integrity in others
  • You are excited about learning, always keen to develop yourself
  • You communicate well verbally and in written form
  • You enjoy working with people and within teams
  • You are reliable and committed
  • You can work under pressure
  • You like solving problems and finding ways to do things better

We want a relationship with Quast to work for everyone. We’re keen to see your CV but also tell us about what you need for a job to work for you. Here are some areas to consider, but do let us know anything you think important:

When are you happiest in a job?
What do you consider your greatest strength?
What is your current salary? Do you have any salary or package requirements?
How flexible are you about your work location? Do you have requirements about travel or working away?

Let’s have a conversation!

Email or call 01727 617 280