Why Choose Quast

1. We’ve done it before!

  • Our founders are senior QA Leaders who have led some of the largest QA teams in the industry and delivered some of the biggest change projects
  • We employ experienced professionals with an outstanding delivery track record
  • We have a broad industry network; if we haven’t done it ourselves, we know someone who can

2. We will attract the best and incentivise them to produce the right solution for you

  • Our innovative reward model is designed to attract the best by sharing the benefits of success
  • On top of competitive core packages, we offer bonuses based on customer satisfaction
  • If our customers show they’re happy through long engagements, or ask us to provide other great practitioners, we’ll reward team members who contributed

3. We’re always thinking about how to do things better

  • More haste less speed: effective solutions depend on considering the what’s and the why’s before diving in headfirst
  • We’ve thought about why high quality software is important and the mindset needed to achieve success. Have a look at our Good Quality Manifesto to read our thoughts
  • We’re passionate about continuous improvement and bring the same high levels of thoughtfulness to all that we do

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