About Us

At Quast, our aim is to bring together the best pool of talent in QA and software testing and make it available to our clients.

We offer a unique blend of high level experience, commitment to people, yours and ours, along with a clear business focus that aligns our solutions with your goals.

We bring these qualities to bear on every contract and project, measuring our success through what we can add to yours.

Whats in a Name? Quast [kw-ost]

Quast is an acronym for Quality Assurance and Software Testing. This is what we do and what we specialise in. This clear focus is important: specialism and independence are vital to effective QA and Testing.

But the urban dictionary also defines Quast as a combination of Quick and Fast. When you operate in an economy where technology is accelerating the evolution of your competitors, speed becomes a significant KPI for any function involved in technological change. You need to deliver quickly, efficiently and effectively to stay in the game. Our manifesto lays out how we think effective QA can speed up both processes and the whole systems development life cycle.

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